Società di Danza Societa' di Danza
Bergamo Citta' dei Mille



Courses of Nineteenth Century European Society Dance for
Quadrille, Country Dance, Waltz, Polka, Mazurka and Scottish Dances.

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The association was founded by the will of a group of studiouses to promote the culture
of eighteenth and nineteenth century, through the various art forms of the time:
dance, music, theater, fashion, literature...



In 2007 was written the deed of the association of social promotion non-profit called::
Societa' di Danza Bergamo Citta' dei Mille
regularly registered at the office of the register of Bergamo and subsequently enrolled in the region and province.

The desire of the founders is to share their specific skills and abilities in search of a new form of retrieval and diffusion of this specific historical and cultural heritage.
The historical of dance Mariuccia Bassi Di Fidio, president of our association, care the reconstruction of choreographic dances in the show created.
The association makes use of experts in the field of historical costume for the reconstruction of the clothing and accessories.

Promotes annual courses of XIX century dance and organizes with various experts in the field quarterly workshops related to dance, theater and historical song.

All members can participate in stages, courses and events offered by Società di danza during the year.

The Association Società di Danza Bergamo Città dei Mille, has participated in numerous nineteenth-century Grand Balls, parties and exhibitions of country dances of the nineteenth-century tradition in Italy and abroad.
Collaborates with important public bodies (municipalities, districts, museums and libraries) in order to spread the dance, music for dance, historical costume and theater, understood as a form of social, art, culture and entertainment.

The group is specializes in the dances and the reconstruction of the dresses of the Napoleonic period and has participated in important Italian events, like the show in Porcia titled: "Aspettando Napoleone" and many other events, some organized by the CERS, the European Consortium of Historical Reconstruction, the President of our Association is a consultant on the history of dance in it.

Many interventions on the history of dance and costume in the nineteenth century
in Bergamo and province.
Has realized numerous performances see the page "Past Events".

The Società di Danza
Bergamo Città dei Mille
adheres to the
National Federation
Società di Danza

Nineteenth Century
Dance School
Cultural society directed
and funded by
Fabio Mòllica,
and whith the Manifesto
Since 2009 participated in a three-year project LAIV
with other schools in the region Lombardia for the realization of a spectacle of dance, singing and acting with a class the school of Lorenzo Lotto Trescore (Bg) and wins the award for Most Beloved by the Public Show.
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